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Capturing the magical moment

Just as live takes interesting turns I was most fortunate to venture into different direction during the past years gone by. When I left school I started an apprentice ship in engineering which lasted just about three weeks. During this few weeks behind a desk it was clear to me that I needed something a little more creative and fulfilling and definitely not something behind a dull  desk in an hidden away  office. From engineering I ventured into cooking where I really  found my through passion for food and life. Hospitality  gave me the chance to travel our magnificent globe and allowed me to live and work in Holland, Singapore and Australia. It was then in Singapore that I became hooked on photography witch allowed me to visually document many great dishes that we prepared. Cameras then become my standard travel companion and with it I started to document my many adventures across Europe, Indonesia and Australia.  


If photography would have come first then I have serious doubts if I ever had made a living from taking pictures not mentioning buying all this expansive camera gear. Then again as live often takes unexpected turns I was able through cooking to write 8 books on food and  2 picture publications on Bali and Indonesia. 


Story telling

A photograph is really only a good photo when the image is able to tell a story. With each photo it is my aim to share a very special moment when I was at the right time at the right place to actually activate the trigger of the shutter. For many of the photos featured on this site often weeks or months of planning and careful preparation where needed. Once this was done, then the actual adventure started for which absolute physical fitness is required. Beside more then 10 kg of camera gear additional supply is needed to spend the night prior to the sunrise at the summit of a volcano close or around an altitude of 3000 meters.  Sometimes this involved hikes that took up to 12 hours or even longer. Each photo has attached a short description and overview of the image. Beside an image description we also added a note about the camera, lens, shutter speed and aperture used.



For most photos featured I use mainly a medium format camera from Phase one with a digital high resolution back. Photos taken with this camera have basically no limit to size for prints. Or various cameras from Leica which are renowned for their world class lenses.

Latest Images

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